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Must Do Activities

Grape Stomping, Wine Drinking & Fun Activities in Malaga

Credit: Unsplash/Kym Ellis

The autumn in Malaga is one of the best times to visit the dreamy city. Nature lovers can enjoy sightseeing, hiking, and the Fall festivals and fairs. It's an ideal time to enjoy wine tasting alongside music and fun activities. Around September, the grape harvest and wine production begin at the end of summer around September. For guests who wish to enjoy being a part of grape treading (stomping), plan a trip to the mesmerising city of Malaga and create timeless memories.

Have fun grape-stomping

Grape-stomping (aka pigeage) is a term for the traditional stomping of grapes. Grapes are crushed by foot in open vats, which release the luscious juices so that fermentation can start. The method is a traditional method that courses to the very beginnings of winemaking. While many places don't have the traditional winemaking method, autumn is just the right time to plan for wine tours in Malaga where guests can enjoy strolling around vineyards and indulge in wine tasting paired with local cheeses.

Private wine tours and wine tasting

In Malaga, there are endless possibilities for wine tastings and tours. With amazing wine-tasting experiences, visitors can get an incredible glimpse into the world of wine. Plus, they can taste some of the most exclusive wines and treat themselves with an incredible wine adventure with their friends and family. Book the wine-tasting tour of your choice in advance to make the most of your itinerary.

Splurge at the Michelin-starred restaurants

How can food be left behind when talking of wine? For a great sensory experience, from delectable cuisine to stunning surroundings, guests must visit the Michelin-starred restaurants in Malaga. Guests can enjoy gastronomic experiences, relaxed fine dining, and the best ingredients blended with creative flairs. Take out time for an utterly spectacular food journey in Malaga. Bon Appetit!

Go hiking or biking

Hiking area in Malaga
Hiking area near Malaga

Credit: Flickr/Johannes Schwanbeck/CC BY-SA 2.0

It's a good time to go for a hike in Malaga in Autumn. The city has some fantastic trails, and nature lovers will love to discover the great routes set amidst lush valleys and breathtaking mountain peaks. Yet another wonderful way of exploring the city is to break a sweat biking around. Book a bike tour of your choice and enjoy a healthy of discovering the city.

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