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Must Do Activities

Outdoor Activities in Malaga during Summer

paddle boarding
Credit: Pexels/Kampus Production

If you love the warm weather with long sunny days and enjoy cooling off by the beach after a sweaty day, then you’ll love making the most of your summer season in Malaga. Whether you love the humidity or just like to quickly burn off the calories so you can enjoy the local cuisine; there are several activities for everyone to choose from. We recommend trying something you love and something you’ve never done before! Have fun!

Sailing Adventure!

If the city is too hot for you this time around, then perhaps heading to the water is your best bet. Try water sports activities where you can enjoy parasailing, surfing or scuba-diving. There's even a way to take your whole family for a trip with a sunset cruise aboard a private boat. The views alone make the sailing experience well worth it!

Touring the City Spots

Whether you're in town for a quick layover or are planning a long weekend getaway; the limited time for exploring calls for an expert. There are several city tours in Malaga that range from full-day events to a short few hours. Local guides can handpick spots you must visit and give you an inside scoop on some fun facts as well. There's also a chance for touring and walking or cycling- which is perfect for getting those steps in.

Hiking Trips with the Family

Caminito del Rey
Caminito del Rey. Credit: Pixabay/Miri

he locals in Malaga do love to stay fit. Whether it's a rocky climbing event in the historic town of Alfacar or a hiking experience in El Chorro Canyon and Caminito del Rey, you can make the best of this season to stay fit and healthy. Several mountain ranges range in difficulty from beginners to intermediate and expert hikers; giving you complete autonomy to plan a trip keeping the entire family in mind.

Try a Doing Pub Crawl

Ever been bar hopping? You might know this as a pub crawl as well. If you're young and ready to mingle or want to enjoy your youth in the company of friends, visit Malaga's hottest nightlife spots in town. From nightclubs and bars to restaurants with live music, the nightlife and dining options are endless! All you need to do is hydrate and stay safe.

Wine, Dine & Enjoy!

seafood with wine
Credit: Unsplash/Aurela Redenica

Seafood is a popular delicacy in Malaga and with good reason! The coastline and proximity to fresh marine life are what make the dishes here so mouth-watering. Try your favourite meals and desserts with a glass of wine while you enjoy the view with some outdoor dining at the popular restaurants in the city. All you need, is good food, good company and some good wine!

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