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Malaga Economy

Malaga is known for its tourism industry, agriculture, and fishing. Tourism is the main contributor to the economy of Malaga, with millions of tourists visiting the region every year to enjoy its culture, historical attractions and sandy beaches. Tourism accounts for a significant portion of the province's GDP and provides employment opportunities for many people in the region.

Malaga city is the 4th ranking city contributing to the economy of Spain behind Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The agriculture industry is another important sector of the economy of Malaga, with crops like avocados, oranges, lemons, and mangoes being grown in the region. The province is also a significant producer of olive oil and wine, which are exported worldwide.

Fishing is also a significant contributor to the economy of Malaga, with the region's coastal waters being home to a variety of fish species that are harvested and sold locally and internationally.

Other sectors that contribute to the economy of Malaga include manufacturing, construction, and services such as education, healthcare, and retail. In recent years, the province has also seen growth in the technology and innovation sector, with the establishment of several startups and incubators.

Malaga city's "Málaga: Open for Business" campaign has attracted foreign investments and businesses. Many IT industries have started their businesses in the Technological Park of Andalusia. The city is home to the largest bank in Andalusia and other multinationals such as Fujitsu Spain, Pernod Ricard Spain, Accenture, Epcos, Oracle Corporation etc.

In 2021, Google and Vodafone decided to open their businesses in Malaga.

Overall, the economy of Malaga is diverse, with a strong emphasis on tourism, agriculture, and fishing, and with growing opportunities in other sectors as well.

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