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Top 5-Star Hotels in Malaga to Stay at

March 18, 2019
Malaga makes a great vacation getaway and you will fall in love with the sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. If you are planning a holiday, then you may wish to book a luxury hotel in Malaga, which make great escapes.
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Malaga Easter Celebrations - A Time to Remember

March 09, 2019
Easter in Malaga is the most wonderful time in the city to explore Spanish culture and heritage . The near-perfect weather and the historic attractions make the city a beautiful place to visit, especially during the Easter holidays when the celebrations are in full swing. If you are in Malaga during Easter, be sure to check out the schedule below to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
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Stay at Malaga’s Best Beachside Resorts

February 15, 2019
Summer fun and sunshine is always a bonus when you are travelling for a relaxing vacation, and nothing can be better than the Spanish food and hospitality that Malaga is so well-known for. While there are many bars and nightclubs for you to enjoy on your nights out, there are a few classic beachside resorts that we know you would want to spend your day relaxing at. Read more and enjoy!
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What Is Slow Travel And Why Should We Care?

February 01, 2019
Most of us live a fast, stressed life in a fast, stressed work, filled with running around between our homes, our work, our kids' schools, and supermarkets. This lifestyle barely leaves us any time we can spend actually living - our every waking minute is filled with doing things or idly absorbing the myriads of channels of entertainment pouring at us through all the devices around us - TVs, computers, phones, you name it. This rushed lifestyle leaves little more than time for a city break for most of us, short trips that we spend quickly checking the main sights and landmarks of the place off our lists and move on to the next. This style of traveling is not ideal as it doesn't provide us with the relaxation we need after our rushing weekdays - to counter this rushing lifestyle, a brand new way to take a holiday has recently emerged. It is called "slow travel", and it should be the golden standard for everyone taking a break.

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