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Thumbnail for Enjoy Lunch at the Best Places in Malaga

Enjoy Lunch at the Best Places in Malaga

August 08, 2018
As a coastal city in Southern Spain, Malaga enjoys a lot of tourist interest. The picturesque beaches and the near-perfect weather based on the location of the city also play an important part. While there are a lot of historical places to visit, and plenty of things to see in Malaga; why don’t you try heading over to one of these places to enjoy the best Spanish food you can imagine.
Thumbnail for Visit the Famous Malaga Picasso Museum

Visit the Famous Malaga Picasso Museum

July 24, 2018
The port city in Southern Spain is the perfect destination to relax, unwind and let loose among the Spanish culture. While travelling there can be an experience itself, the list of things to do in Malaga will surely keep you engaged and entertained during your trip. If you are however an art lover or a connoisseur of the refined arts, then be sure to head over to the Malaga Picasso Museum and prepare to be blown away!
Thumbnail for Explore the Best Towns near Malaga

Explore the Best Towns near Malaga

July 17, 2018
The enchanting town of Malaga is the ideal destination if you just need some time off away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. The port city provides stunning views of beaches and the coastline. A complete historic and artistic city, the Museo Picasso Malaga is a spot that you must visit, aside from exploring the towns and villages near and around the city for some adventurous exploring.
Thumbnail for Check Out Malaga in July

Check Out Malaga in July

July 10, 2018
As a stunning port city in southern Spain, Malaga is a popular tourist hotspot for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of the traditional and historic Spanish culture. There are plenty of things to do in Malaga, and the near perfect weather allows you to get exploring whenever you want, but we recommend visiting this city during the month of July for an even better experience.

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