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Visit Malaga’s Top 3 Churches and Cathedrals

Credit: ddzphoto/Pixabay

There is something incredibly special about Malaga especially if you are a tourist or a traveler just passing by The coastal sunset views the colorful vibrant city attractions and the picturesque local beaches are enough to entice anyone to stay in the Spanish city for as long as possible If youre extending your stay and want to explore something different  special to the people check out Malagas top 3 popular churches They are not just for the religious but also for anyone who appreciates architectural beauty

Church of Santiago

With foundations dating back to 1490, the Church of Santiago in Malaga is one of the oldest churches still standing today. Since then, the structure itself has undergone several changes and refurbishments to the structure we see today. This landmark was built on the site of a former mosque, and still proudly displays the Mudéjar style of architecture. Here you'll get to see the “Jesús el Rico” as well as beautiful paintings of the Virgin of Las Ánimas. Fun fact: Pablo Ruiz Picasso was christened here in the 16th century!

Malaga Cathedral

Credit: Catrin Ellis/Unsplash

The Malaga Cathedral is perhaps one of the most iconic historic landmarks in the city. Built during the span of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, this monument is built on the site of Moorish quarters. With a beautiful courtyard and well-manicured gardens, this place is home to some intricately carved sculptures as well as Baroque & Renaissance architectural style influences. Be sure to pay special attention to the dress code, because this is a sacred religious space.

Church of San Pedro

Located in the Alameda neighbourhood in Malaga, the Church of San Pedro is just as old as the other churches on the list. The interior of the church is less ornate compared to the other cathedrals, but there is still a style in the simplicity. The church has a choir made of wood and bright limestone walls with detailed carvings that are not too over-the-top. Check out this spot and find time in the day to unwind.

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