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Visit the Top 3 Cafes in Malaga

Credit: Flickr / William Helsen

Malaga has now increasingly become popular as a holiday getaway and a tourist destination for people just wanting to relax and enjoy the Spanish culture. During your travels exploring this city, you are bound to come across one or more cafés across the city. Read more to find the top 3 cafes in Malaga that you can visit to satisfy your coffee and snack cravings!

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda
Credit: Casa Aranda

Possibly the most popular spot in Malaga, Casa Aranda has been loyally serving good quality food for its customers since about 75 years. Check this place out and definitely try out their Chocolate churros, where you can expect a large cup of rich hot chocolate as a dip for your churros. Talk about a sugar high!


Credit: L’experience

Located beside the Cathedral, L’experience indeed provides an experience that is unlike any café in Malaga. You can sit outside and enjoy the views during the evening, especially at sunset as you order up some of their delicious dinner meals. The café is open all day so you can even drop by for a quick coffee as you go about wandering the streets of Malaga.

Recyclo Bike Café

Recyclo Bike Café
Credit: Recyclo Bike Café

For an inexpensive meal and a good atmosphere, try out the Recyclo Bike Café in Malaga. With a quirky décor and a diverse menu with multiple ingredient options, you will not be disappointed when you stop by for a cup of coffee. Try out their salads and burgers which also include many vegetarian options.
Check out these places for some good coffee and food by booking your flight to Malaga. Happy holidays!

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