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Cordoba - a day excursion from Malaga

Cordoba excursion
Credit: Viator

Day trips are a fun inexpensive way to tour a city and are a great vacation idea to do while in Malaga, Spain. One of the more popular Malaga holidays is the Cordoba trip.

The ancient city of Cordoba has a lot of history and significance to Europe. Formerly the capital of Moorish in Spain for over 30 years, Cordoba was once considered the largest city in all of Europe. The city is full of amazing architecture and beautiful sites.

The number one recommendation on a Cordoba day trip is to take in all of the beautiful scenery that the city has to offer. There is a sightseeing tour that can give one a chance to get the best glimpses of the city. This tour allows one to see Synagogue, the Jewish Quarter and the Roman Bridge. The Jewish Quarter offers a walking tour down local alleys, squares and networking streets. This offers one an up close and personal view of the city.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is a wonderful site to see, because of its outstanding architecture. The arcaded hypostyle hall is what is said to be the most noteworthy building of the Mosque. This hall has a total of 856 columns that are made of marble, jasper, granite and onyx.

The final important part of a day trip is to enjoy the food. Sampling the authentic Spanish food found in the restaurants in the heart of the city will make the vacation even more enjoyable.

Don't miss the chance to visit the Andalusian charm of Cordoba on a day excursion from Malaga.

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