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Must Do Activities

Experience Exciting Easter Activities in Malaga

man and son on a sailboat
Credit: Pexels/Yaroslav Shuraev

Winter is ending and the Spring season has almost arrived, bringing with it the exciting Easter festivities! While the Spanish city of Malaga is stunning throughout the year, the beautiful scenic views are enhanced by the city decorations all during Easter. If you’re stuck wondering what to do during this holiday season, we recommend 5 Easter activities that will help you get into the spirit while mingling with locals. Enjoy!

Sail Around with Family

With Spring finally arrives, the beautiful weather conditions also give way to spending more and more time in Malaga's scenic outdoors. You can book sailing tours & private cruises along the shoreline, or you can have a picnic by the beach and frolic in the seawater after building sandcastles. So many fun choices!

Watch the Processions

Easter is a popular holiday celebrated among the locals, and the city is well-known for the processions and the decorations happening all around town. Various religious associations carry daily processions all week long, and hundreds gather to watch and observe, or to just take part. The sombre procession you need to see is on Good Friday, which draws in a larger crowd because of the well-known black hooded repenters.

Feast on Easter Cuisine

Flores fritas
Flores fritas
Credit: Luis Fernández García/CC BY-SA 4.0

Soups & stews are incredibly popular during the Easter holidays in Spain. We recommend Flores fritas (also known as Flores de Semana), Buñuelos and also Sopa Castellana. Potaje de Vigilia is another delicacy that the locals enjoy on Good Friday. Celebrate the traditional holiday with traditional Easter cuisine. This Easter, ditch the diet and eat all you can & indulge away!

Discover the Architecture

Malaga is packed with beautiful historic architecture & landmarks that span decades. But the city takes on a new look with the ornate decorations of Easter festivities. From small statues on balconies to ribbons & red cloth decked on windows, it's hard not to fall in love with the vibe of the city during this time!

Check Out Local Events

The best part about visiting a new city is checking out the local events happening around town. This season, besides the Easter festivities, enjoy the Malaga Crazy Festival & Festival de Malaga. You can also explore galleries and museums to see new artists and exhibitions. Easter is also a good time to experience cultural events!

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