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Malaga's Top Ice Cream Parlours

Ice Cream
Credit: Unsplash/Brooke Lark

Malaga has an amazing variety of ice cream parlours to keep you busy throughout the warm months. Whether you are a cone connoisseur or a vegan, you'll find something that suits your palate. Take out time this summer to enjoy day trips from Malaga in the dreamy city and hit your favourite ice cream parlours or enjoy trying some fancy ice cream trends. We've rounded up some incredible ice cream parlours in Malaga for you.

Casa Mira

Casa Mira offers a vast range of delectable flavours, and it's no wonder it's packed with people. Cooling down the hot Andalusian summers for generations, this ice cream parlour is now in its fourth generation and has attracted crowds over the years. The family-run business has been serving ice cream since 1890. The brand's success is seen through its branches across the city. One of the best flavours to try is undoubtedly turrón, and guests can also ask for blanco y negro (black and white), crushed iced coffee with turrón ice cream.

Nonna Helado Artesanal

Credit: Pixabay/silviarita

Nonna Helado Artesanal is yet another fantastic joint for ice cream lovers. The family-run business has some delicious offerings for its guests. Each ice cream rings of fresh quality ingredients and is curated with passion at the heart of the artisanal ice cream creations. Care for some authentic and delightful ice cream? Then this joint is a must-visit.


Get inspired by the best gelato masters blended with the best raw materials to savour unique ice creams at Lucciano's. The joint has some wonderful flavours and will be an instant hit with your family. The portions are generous, and the ice creams are good value for money.

Heladería Freskitto

Don't miss checking out Heladería Freskitto for some lip-smacking ice cream. The ice cream parlour serves some incredible ice cream rich in flavours, some of which are really intense. For ice cream cone lovers, you'll find some crisp and tasty options with generous portions.

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