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Celebrating the Night of San Juan in Malaga

Credit: Unsplash\Roven Images

Are you looking for something exciting? Perhaps you’re an avid traveller wanting to embrace the city culture & tour around every alley for hidden gems! Malaga is a city dipped in history, with several long-standing landmarks marking the city’s deep roots. If walking around city attractions doesn’t interest you, then try visiting during popular festivals, like the San Juan Festival. It’s an entirely enriching experience when you travel & take part in the local culture! Cheers!

The San Juan festival happens during the month of June & usually happens around the summer solstice, marking the shortest night of the year for this religious event. Traditionally, it is also a way to officially welcome the summer season in the local culture.

While many cities have different ways they celebrate the Night of San Juan, in Malaga, it is usually enjoyed with bonfires and music. The festival marks the changing of the season, but it also marks a change for you & your family. For instance, tradition says that jumping around the bonfire three times will cleanse & purify you; and that all your problems will be burned away. As part of the religious holiday, some people also believe that jumping into the sea at midnight is good for you as it washes the evil spirits away. Another myth is to wash your hands & face with seawater for added beauty or write a wish on paper & throw it into the bonfire at midnight to make it come true!

Grilled Sardines. Credit: Maxpixel

If you are planning on booking a flight to Malaga, be sure to keep an eye out for the beaches, as you are likely to encounter bonfires & crowds all around the coast during that time. Since San Juan is a festival best enjoyed at night, be sure to pack up a heavy picnic while you pick a spot around the bonfire. Aside from the traditional grilled sardines, enjoy the evening with some chilled beer & seafood of your choice. Buon Appetite!

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