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The Magical Night of San Juan

Jumping over fire
Credit: Unsplash

If you are looking for a serene getaway or magical honeymoon plan then visit Malaga, located right off the Mediterranean coastline with miles of sandy beaches.

The mountains help the atmosphere to stay cool even in the summer while the warm waters keep it comfortable and tropical in the winter. The elaborate city still stays culturally in their roots stemming from famous painters such as Velazquez and Pablo Picasso.

There are many intriguing things to do in Malaga, has beautiful beaches, museums, fine dining, theatres, bullfights, monuments, fairs, and many festivals. No matter when you decide to travel there are always plenty of Malaga activities to take part in.
One of the longest and most celebrated Malaga holidays transpires in June with The Magical Night of San Juan. The summer solstice remains a magical night in much of the northern hemisphere. It has been believed that incredible things happen on this night. San Juan is about night and day; fire and water. Fire purifies and water rejuvenates. People and the Gods believe in great changes and this starts on this wonderful short night each year. During the day activities include cultural music, delicious food, and socializing. Then as the sun sets you to help build massive bonfires and ritualistic dolls that represent all the historically famous personalities. If this isn't interesting enough after midnight you can experience changing your own soul for the better. Everything comes in threes, there is a belief that by jumping over the fire three times, then bathing in the water, will cleanse and rejuvenate your soul. The fire destroys all the evil spirit while the water washes them away.

If you are planning to experience The Magical Night of San Juan then visit Malaga in the month of June. Don't miss out on the many of the entertaining Malaga activities that are offered.

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