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5 Reasons to Cycle and Discover the City of Malaga

Credit: Pixabay

Are you ready to head out and enjoy breathing fresh air this sunny season in Malaga? It’s time to get moving, and in a completely different way! Forget walking around to buy groceries and get in those steps. You can now take a bicycle and roam around while you pick up your favourite food from local restaurants! Check out our reasons for cycling past the locals to get those leg muscles moving. It will be hard, but worth it!

1. Simple Socially Distant Activity

It is natural to feel sick and tired of the same indoor and outdoor routines, especially if you live alone. Break up the old patterns and try cycling. Not only is it a good exercise practice, but it is ideal for practising social distance while wandering around town.

2. Take in the Natural Landscape

Have you taken the time to pause and take in the breathtaking scenery around you? Malaga is among the beautiful coastal cities globally, and exploring the outdoor city attractions on foot or a bicycle is a perfect chance to capture the scenic views. Form a group with your friends or enjoy solo! 

3. Well Maintained Road Network

Not only are the streets in Malaga conditioned for easy cycling access, but you can take the opportunity of easing COVID-19 restrictions to plan a cycling trip to nearby villages and small towns. Build up your stamina and check out the National, State or Rural roads to truly explore and experience the city views.

Credit: Unsplash

4. Temperate Coastal Weather

Southern Spanish cities like Malaga are blessed with stunning landscapes and even better weather. You can cycle around all year round or most of the year, which makes it perfect to either take a stroll or work on competing at local races when the time is right.

5. Easy Calorie Burning Outdoor Activity

Ditch the home-gym equipment and substitute your yoga mat for an upgraded bicycle. Burn through those cheat meals while you sweat it out outdoors and soak in the fresh air as you roam around. It is a great way to meet new people and see familiar faces even if you can't hang out for too long!

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