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Must Do Activities

Spend a Day at the Beach in Malaga

Beach Swimming
Credit: Piqsels

The stunning city of Malaga isn’t just known for the beautiful coastline or the historic attractions. This Spanish city is known for the beautiful beaches and the exotic weather that it has to offer. After months of being indoors, you can now take the time to walk outside, meet up with friends and even dine at your favourite restaurant. If you want to truly enjoy Malaga, try spending a day at the beach in the company of your loved ones!

Mornings are for swimming

The best way to get in your daily exercise is by heading over to the beach. Plan a trip with the entire family and fill out your steps walking along the shore. The best way to maintain a safe distance in the crowds is by swimming in the water! Play with children or splash along with friends for a fun time!

Work on tan

women on the beach
Credit: Unsplash

Malaga has stunning weather nearly all year round giving sunny vibes to enjoy. Don’t forget to wear enough sunscreen as you read a good book and work on the tan. Enjoy laying on the sand talking with friends while the children play along.

Enjoy a picnic by the beach

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a picnic with your loved ones! If the parks in Malaga are too crowded then head over to the beach with some favourite food. Enjoy an early breakfast watching the sunrise or grab a drink if permitted, while watching the sunset in the evening.

Enjoy playing in the sand

building a sand castle
Credit: Pixy

How long has it been since you built a sand-castle? Take time from work and relax with your children. Play beach volleyball, build castles in the sand and have fun frolicking by the water! There is no time like the present to relax and have fun with the people you cherish!

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