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Visit the Hanging Bridges of Monachil near Malaga

Hanging Bridge
A Representative Image Credit: Pixabay

The stunning port city of Malaga in southern Spain is certainly the perfect eye candy exotic location. While the beaches of Malaga may call to you, there are certainly a lot of other things to do besides laying around in the sun. Try exploring the ever famous Hanging Bridges of Monachil just a short distance away from the picturesque city of Malaga.

Roughly 125 km away from the city of Malaga lays the town of Granada in southern Spain. Close to this town, nearly 8km away, is the popular Village Monachil which is home to the famous Hanging Bridges. The village of Monachil is perfect for you to spend the day, and offers expansive views of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and the canyon formed by the Monachil River, Rio Monachil. 


There are a total of four hanging bridges, the longest one being over 55 meters long and hangs from over 15 meters above the river, letting you truly experience the hike, up close in nature. The hiking tour usually takes up to 3 hours to explore from Monachil to Los Cahorros, and the different routes will take you exploring and discovering some stunning valley vegetation that you will not find anywhere else! You can easily enjoy the scenery with your children and your friends, and even get to photograph innumerable pictures of wildflowers, apple and cherry trees and even some almond and olive trees. Talk about natural vegetation! Moreover, the bridges are inspected and safe, and you need not worry about any mishaps occurring.

With just a few hours drive between the two, rent a car and explore one of the most popular tourist spots near Malaga today!

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