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A Guide to Have Seafood in Malaga

The Spanish coastal city of Malaga is a place where seafood fanatics will go crazy. The city is blessed with and extensive coastline which in turn presents a wide variety of seafood delicacies to choose from, which will be appreciated by one and all.
The experience of tasting a fish freshly caught and cooked is sublime and only some can define. Mostly all of the restaurants and beach bars in the city serve delicious fried fish which comes whole, which means along with the eyes, fins and bones. Fish varieties like the Boquerones, sardine espeto, pescadillas, salmonetes, Adobo, etc. are available according to their season and are cooked over an open fire in skewers. The fish are cooked by using traditional Spanish recipes using lemon juice, olive oil and lots of pepper.
However, the best place to relish the seafood is at the chiringuito beach bars or stalls that line up the beach fronts. The fish varieties they serve are full of flavour and makes up as a great snack on the beach. Just make sure you eat them with your hands rather than using the forks, as you might miss the best bits. Also, try to avoid seafood on Mondays, as Sunday being a holiday you will not get fresh fish on that day.
The markets in Malaga are also some of the best places for you to get seafood varieties like sole, bream, monkfish, sea bass, tuna, salmon, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go food-mad, be adventurous and try as many dishes as you can lay your hands upon.

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