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Welcome New Year 2016 in Malaga

Credit: Pixy
New Year's Eve is a time that fills us with hope and optimism as we focus on the future.
The indescribable euphoria and anticipation we feel as the clock counts down the seconds to midnight are only intensified when we are surrounded by a crowd of people, all experiencing the same anticipation. On the New Year's Eve in Malaga City in Spain every year, they stand together in the Plaza de la Constitución in the bittersweet moment of welcoming a new year while the events of the passing year become memories.

The shared bittersweet moments pass quickly as the boisterous music plays in the plaza followed by cheers as the people start to dance and sing to the happy, thunderous beats. Whether you are a visitor or a resident of the city you cannot help join in and let the music and happiness lift you and make you feel alive. The celebration is a family-friendly. The fresh air helps you feel energized and encourages many to stay up to watch the beautiful Costa Del Sol sunrise.

Visit Malaga to welcome New Year.


Henrik Nordstrand

We're a couple (around 52 both) traveling to Malaga during new year - staying at Silken Puerto.

Will would like to spend the evening (New Years eve) at a nice, maybe quite restaurant, not far away from the central town and celebrations.

Anything good suggestions on places is appropriated.

Best regards
Henrik Nordstrand

Corneliu Ionut Preotu
Hi there,

I am coming with my girlfriend during the New Year's Eve and I was looking for a place to spend the new year's eve. Not interested in clubs and noisy places and if it has a Spanish touch, it is great. Can you recommend something?
All the best from Denmark!

Satish Bali
I want to spend the New Years eve in Malaga in which the Mayor of Malaga participates. Can you please tell me the venue and time of the celebration please?

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