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Food & Drinks

Top restaurants in Malaga to Snack out

Credit: Pixabay
Malaga is a favourite food destination in the parts of southern Spain. The food in Malaga is exquisite as the climate and conditions here are favourable to produce all sort of foods.

Malaga is famous for its sea food variety namely prawns, clams, shellfish and sardines roasted and stuck to a stick. Following is the list of handpicked restaurants of Malaga to dine.

Jose Carlos Garcia Restaurante

This restaurant was founded by Chef Jose Carlos Garcia. The ambience is just mind blowing. The dishes here are the brainchild of the founder himself. The food served is international and Mediterranean. Fantastic views of the Malaga port can be seen from here. The dining room of this food place consists of only six dining tables. The tables are located only a few metres away from the yachts and boats. Thus the guests can enjoy the dinner in the serene and composed surroundings.
Address: Puerto de Málaga, Plaza de la Capilla, 1, Málaga, Spain
Opening hours: 1:30–3PM, 8:30–10PM

It is a very affordable restaurant located in central Malaga. The authentic place serves the most delicious international cuisines from traditional flavours to the modern ones. The chef Ivan Bravo is skilled in serving a diverse food range. The food types offered here are Fusion, Mediterranean and a few vegetarian dishes. The decoration and the interior are sculpted in a modern urban look. The roof top terrace is an added bonus in the perfect package. Wine, Champagne, Cocktails, Imported beer is also served here.
Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 12, 29015 Málaga, Spain
Opening hours: 13:30 to 00:00

This two floored restaurant serves the famous sea-food dishes of Malaga. The place is designed in an authentic way with an open courtyard. There is a terrace to have some cozy time with someone special. However, the place is a bit high on the price considering its location and food. The types of food served here is Mediterranean, Rice Paella, Tapas and a few vegetarian dishes. The food here is lip smacking and is well-liked by many.
Address: Calle del Compás de la Victoria, 5, 29012 Málaga, Spain
Opening Hours: 1PM–1AM

Alea Restaurante

Alea is located in the old part of the city. Earlier it was a historical place that has been converted into a restaurant. Alea is a fabulous combination of old and new due to its place and the food offered . It has funky decorations above old stone and marble columns. The team of cooks are specialized and acquainted, with a thorough technical excellence.

Address: Calle Fajardo, 11, 29005 Málaga, Spain
Opening Hours: 1–6PM, 8PM–12:30AM

This restaurant is placed in a beautifully carved surrounding, serving a unique combo of the Asian and Japanese flavours. Here the starters are more from the shores, and the main course is cooked from the base of a famous Japanese dish named –The Suki Yaki. The other dishes are also worth relishing.
Address: Calle Carretería, 96, 29008 Málaga, Spain
Opening Hours: 1:30–4:30PM, 8:30PM–12AM

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